Nest (National Endowment Scholarships For Talent) has been rebranded as PEEF (Pakistan Education Endowment Fund)

Nursing Scholarship


Strengthening Nursing Profession

Pakistan is far below the critical level for Human Resources for Health (HRH), being amongst the most HRH deprived countries of the world. Health system in Pakistan remains beset by a growing nursing workforce crisis, yet demand from abroad for providing skilled Nurses remains high with every passing year. Also, in order to upgrade the current Nursing Institutes, greater number of Masters and PhD in Nursing are required.

Program objective is to strengthen Nursing Profession by providing funding for scholarships to needy but talented Nursing Students.

PEEF further coordinate with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) for assistance in scholarship seats quota and Institution selection and criteria

Coordinate with PNC and provide the necessary information and selection of student list according to PNC / PEEF policy and criteria.


Existing Scholarships

Existing scholarships are negligible and critically required during the current COVID pandemic.

Moving towards betterment


A well-trained and qualified nursing workforce is pivotal for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and for any improvement in the health status of our population. The quality and numbers of nurses is critical for any health system strengthening initiative.

Addressing shortage of nurses

20% of total nursing intake for BSN 4 year program for FY 2019-20 will have financial assistance available to address the critical shortage of nursing.

Universal Health Coverage

Will directly contribute towards the national commitment of achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Job Oppertunities

Produce best job opportunities in nursing for local needs but also for International market.

Faculty Development

Strengthening Nursing Profession through Faculty Development of Nursing Institutes through MSN & PhD Programs

Slots distribution

Scholarship available for 2022

Students can apply through our partner institutes

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How to Apply

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