First time in Pakistan

Nursing Scholarship Program

A well-trained and qualified nursing workforce is pivotal for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and for any improvement in the health status of our population. The quality and numbers of nurses is critical for any health system strengthening initiative.

First time in Pakistan

Arts & Culture Scholarship Program

Arts and Culture are important because it preserves our heritage. Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time.

Self-sustainable Organization

NEST is a Self-sustainable organization, generating revenue from its endowment fund.

Need cum talent based Scholarships

NEST provides need based scholarship to talented students in different fields of study.

Monitoring & Evaluation

To assess the performance of projects to improve current and future management of projects.

Invest in Education

Join hands with us in this noble cause by providing financial support to talented students and help them stand on their feet.

First time in Pakistan , launching scholarships for Nursing & Arts students

Our Scholarship Programs

Pakistan is far below the critical level for Human Resources for Health (HRH), being amongst the most HRH deprived countries of the world. Health system in Pakistan remains beset by a growing nursing workforce crisis, yet demand from abroad for providing skilled Nurses remains high with every passing year. Also, in order to upgrade the current Nursing Institutes, greater number of Masters and PhD in Nursing are required.

This program was launched to promote Arts & Culture in Pakistan, including diverse fields like Film, Theatre, Visual Arts, Production & Textile design. Study in the arts is integral to our society. They are a part of the cultural heritage of every human being. Currently very limited number of scholarships available in the field of Arts & Culture, therefore this is the first time in Pakistan scholarship program has been specifically designed for the students of Arts & Design.



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Invest in Education

Nest is providing scholarships to talented needy student so they can continue their studies. To achieve this we require additional support from our worthy donors. By providing us with *funding for one slot, you ensure the future of not only one student but his/her whole family and impact of his/her contribution for Pakistan. NEST plans to achieve the target of providing 2000 scholarships every year to the talented but deserving students. Join hands with us in this noble cause by providing financial support to these talented students of Pakistan ad help them stand on their feet.

Investing in Education

Securing the future

Self Sustainable

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Strengthening Educational Institutes

Continuous Growth

Our Profits

So far we have earned over 1559 Million to meet our Projects and Operational Expenditure while the rest is reinvested for further profit generation. NEST invests in Term Deposit Certificates (TDR), which is considered the safest available investment at competitive rates provided by top banks of Pakistan.

" Our youths' bright future should not be victim of circumstances "

Success Stories

It is very difficult for a female student to pursue her career and get high education in a society with limited financial and societal support. Receiving NEST Scholarship for talent made this dream a reality. Now, I can study without thinking of my financial limitations. This scholarship empowered me to become an ambassador for the higher education for females.

Hina Khan Semester 4th Generic BSN, Royal College of Nursing Swat

Being an Orphan and an elder child of the family, it was never easy to get higher education. With the help of this scholarship, my mother and myself are now free from all kinds of worries related to my education. I am now focusing on my education and success so that I can be a helping hand for my family and the society. Thanks to the NEST Scholarship and the Royal College of Nursing Swat for giving us hope and support that someone is still there for us to support us

Muhammad Anees Semester 1st Generic BSN, Royal College of Nursing Swat

Despite of financial limitations and belong to a backward area of Dir upper, my father was struggling hard to meet the expenses of my education. It was a big barrier in my career to become a nurse. With NEST Scholarship for nursing, my dream to become a professional nurse and serve the humanity is becoming a reality. This scholarship motivates me to help others and serve my homeland in future just like I am being helped.

Zia Ud Din Semester 4th Generic BSN, Royal College of Nursing Swat

My brother is a daily wager and my father is a patient of stroke. In this situation, I was not able to manage the financial needs of my education. Initially, I was supported by the Royal College of Nursing Swat and they did not charge me any fee. But living in the hostel and other expenses was a major challenge for me. Now with NEST scholarship, I am very happy and feeling lucky on getting the scholarship to complete my studies. Soon, I will be a bread earner for my family and will support my younger siblings’ education.

Khushnuma Semester 1st Generic BSN, Royal College of Nursing Swat

Belonging to a poor family and a dream to get higher education in nursing was the two things that always contrast each other. To pursue my dream, I used to work as a daily wager in a factory to meet my financial needs for my education. I always used to think of a way out for it. I also took loans for my semester fee. Now after receiving NEST Scholarship for nursing, I am free from all the financial worries. The hope of completing my studies is now certain. I am now giving all my time to study and become a professional nurse.

Shabir Ahmad Semester 1st Generic BSN, Royal College of Nursing Swat

Receiving the NEST scholarship for my Master’s degree in Nursing has been life-changing for me! I was always passionate about nursing and wanted to pursue a graduate degree to gain specialization in nursing research and academia. This scholarship has enabled me to fulfil that passion without the anxiety of student loans and financial burden so I can focus on my studies and put all my energies into helping advance nursing in Pakistan.

Muhammad Abdullah MScN, Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery